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Social media witness chefs drop weight all the time. It is a commitment that they look fit naturally because of food science. Their fans are always curious about how they lost weight. Damaris Phillips weight loss is a story of a famous American chef who is now a part of the fashion industry. Let’s take a look.

Say Hello to Damaris Phillips

Damaris Phillips was unsure which degree to pursue in college. After much deliberation, she chose culinary arts and studied at the Jefferson Community and Technical College. Damaris found quick success at The Food Network. With hard work, she becomes the hosting celebrity. The show’s engagement and following grew. Southern at Heart was a huge success from 2013 to 2016.

In addition, Damaris Phillips also hosted Hungry with Rutledge and South and Hungry in 2017. She was also the premiering celebrity of the Bobby and Damaris Show in 2018. Throughout her career, the tv chef has appeared in many shows, such as Guy’s Grocery Games. She was a competitor then a judge on the show. The show focused on raising funds for charities.

Furthermore, Damaris Phillips also published a cookbook. It was called Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boys. The book is filled with recipes that will welcome vegan and poultry lovers. Now let’s get back to Damaris Phillips weight loss.

Damaris Phillips Data

Real NameDamaris Lennon Phillips
Birthday8th December 1980
Age in 202342 years
ProfessionCelebrity Chef
Weight BeforeUndisclosed
Weight After150 lbs. or 68 kg
Total Weight Loss11-22 lbs. or 5-10 kgs

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss | What she ate to look slim?

As Damaris Phillips is a chef, she knows food better than anyone. Therefore, it plays an essential role in Damaris Phillips weight loss journey. The food expert belongs to the South, where her childhood consisted of bacon, chicken, and heavily fried meals. However, Damaris changed his diet plan for the better when she married Darrick Wood. The chef has now become an ethical vegetarian.

In other words, her diet plan now includes vegetarian meals. Damaris Phillips has become popular because of her plant-based meatloaf. She has admitted that plant-based meals are a lot better. They are very creative and motivate Phillips to push her professional boundaries.

Damaris Phillips weight loss motivated the chef to make better choices. The shift from meat intake to a vegetable diet has caused sufficient weight loss. Vegetables include lots of fiber, vitamins, and miners. You can click here to browse the long list of citrus vegetables for weight loss.

Eat Consciously

Damaris Phillips weight loss yielded successful results because the celebrity chef understood what she ate. Damaris focused on enjoying the taste and food texture of every bite. This is the goal of her food for celebrity clients. However, she also uses the strategy at home to avoid overeating.

Change the Perspective

Instead of focusing on vegetables‘ health benefits, think of how it tastes delicious. You can turn vegetables into salads with yummy sauces. Roast the broccoli for added flavor. You can make butternut squash as a dessert because it tastes like bonbons.

Say Goodbye to the Deep Fryer

Before hopping on the body transformation train, the famous chef put the deep fryer under lock and key. Damaris Phillips weight loss did not contain fried foods. Her strategy included finding the same taste with different methods, such as pan searing and using minimum oil.

Consume Modest Meal Size

Chef Damaris Phillips believes junk food will not attract an individual if they are not hungry. Therefore, opt for almonds instead of eating Pringles, chocolates, and sugar-based food. You make an almond smoothie. Another excellent option is a banana-Nutella sandwich. Nutella’s in-depth nutritional analysis is available here.

Damaris Phillips weight loss| The Exercise Routine

Damaris Phillips has been very excited about her weight loss. She ate wisely and burned the excess fat by exercising. The chef has been known to share pictures of her meal and exercise routine on her Instagram. You can follow Damaris Phillips Instagram to stay updated with the health journey.

One of the reasons Damaris Phillips weight loss was such a successful story is because the chef focused on body’s internal strength. She did not give attention to the outer appearance. Therefore, Damaris Phillips took an active part in strength training. She also did regular exercises at the gym to actualize her weight aims. As a result, her endurance and strength levels increased.

Jogging, walking, cycling, and routine exercises increased the chef’s metabolism. She was burning excess fat at a fast rate. In short, Damaris Phillips’s exercise routine built muscles to achieve the best weight loss results.

Damaris Phillips weight loss | The Inspiration

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss

Damaris’s husband is also a TV personality and a public figure. However, the two keep their lives private. Damaris married her now husband, Darrick Wood, in a private ceremony on 13th June 2015. The previous eight years have been bliss. Damaris enjoys the company of her husband greatly. The two frequently travel and look forward to new experiences with food.

It is no doubt that Damaris’s husband has supported his wife during weight loss. Her Instagram account shows the couple workout together. The couple also experimented with different exercise routines to boost their internal wellness.

The celebrity chef has not openly admitted to her husband’s contribution toward weight loss. However, we can assume Damaris Phillips weight loss was possible because of a supporting partner. The chef has been consistently losing weight for a few years.

Now, we see a dramatic change which is only possible through losing weight organically. Damaris looks and feels confident. Her husband must be a fan of the delicious food she makes. Damaris has also upgraded her wardrobe. She is now seen wearing summer outfits frequently when spending time with friends.

What do you think of Damaris Phillips Weight Loss?

Damaris Phillips is a well-known American chef we have seen on numerous shows. She is a leader in her field because of Damaris’ extensive culinary arts knowledge. However, she is recently becoming news because of her slimmer figure and weight loss.

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