Kelly Doty Weight Loss: A Tattoo Artist That Got into Excellent Shape

Kelly Doty weight loss started when the tattoo artist left the show, Ink Master. The reality star did not know the results. However, she was committed to change because Kelly was growing overweight. Doty was concerned for her health, so she decided to make a change.

Who is Kelly Doty?

Kelly Doty was born in Connecticut. However, the entertainment industry and the fans know her as an excellent tattoo artist on Ink Master Season 8. Her tattoo aesthetic involved spooky and gothic drawings. Yet, she captures the audience’s attention with unique sketches. One of Kelly Doty’s top-ranking designs are Medusa-related inks. Most experts descript her art as bobbleheads.

Kelly Doty lost the Ink Master title to Ryan Ashely. However, her standout gothic approach to tattoos won the audience. In the following seasons, Kelly Doty came on the show as a judge. She showcased her progress since the last time the reality started was on Ink Master. Even though Kelly Doty was already popular, her fame increased when she lost weight.

Kelly Doty Data

Real NameKelly Doty
Birthday10th July 1983
Age in 202340 years
ProfessionTattoo artist, judge, reality TV star
Weight Before154 lbs. or 70 kg
Weight After121 lbs. or 55 kg
Total Weight Loss33 lbs. or 15 kg

Kelly Doty Weight Loss | The Diet Plan

Kelly Doty weight loss was never public knowledge. However, the tattoo artist has talked about her weight-related progress in a few interviews and on her official Instagram account.

Kelly Doty reserved herself to a strict diet plan. She used apple cider vinegar and dill pickles for weight loss. In addition, she also had a cup of spearmint tea to start the day. The bespoke tea is an excellent stress reliever. Moreover, it also promotes metabolism to ensure weight loss. Kelly Doty forwent eating a heavy lunch with processed ingredients and grease. She maintained a simple diet plan free from processed ingredients and sugar.

The tattoo artist ate the same meal at dinner she had had for lunch: a salad or a side dish with minimum oil. She preferred light meals that gave her digestive system a break from processing heavy foods previously. Following is all the information we have for the reality’s star diet plan:

  • Toast and egg whites for breakfast. Minimum oil and no dressing on the whites.
  • Vegetables, limited poultry, and salads for lunch.
  • Evening snacks are Kelly Doty’s favorite! She likes soy milk, coffee, and avocado.
  • Lastly, Kelly Doty ate meat high in protein, salads, and eggs for dinner.

Kelly Doty preferred maintaining a sustainable diet and switched meals to keep a mystery.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss | The Exercise

Exercising was very effective in Kelly Doty weight loss journey. The reality star decided to participate in team sports. She also went to the gym regularly. Her exercises included weight lifting and running. The exercises energized the body. It kept Kelly Doty healthy and positive. She recommends going to the gym and sports to her followers too.

Unfortunately, Kelly Doty weight loss is a private endeavor. And we know very little about her exercise routine. She did cardio and physical exercises to ensure her body looked fit. Here is what we could piece together from her social media pages:

  • Firstly, Kelly Doty jumped rope at the beginning of her exercise session to burn calories quickly.
  • Kelly Doty also participated in high-intensity interval training. The exercises are based on intense intervals with short breaks for maximum results.
  • Kelly Doty is also a fan of low-intensity exercises. Vinyasa yoga burns fat quickly and increase the person’s endurance.
  • Lastly, the tattoo artist also did strength exercises. These workouts increased metabolism and a slimmer-looking physique with a snatched waist.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss | Then and Now

Kelly Doty weight loss became the talk of social media when she appeared on Ink Master as a judge. The fans could not recognize the ex-participant because of her drastic weight loss appearance. Everyone started guessing and gossiping because no one had seen Kelly Doty in a long time.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss

Kelly Doty’s face looked slim. She appeared thinner because her weight index matched her height. The weight loss progress was visible on her posts on Instagram upon close inspection. Kelly Doty had lost more than 10 pounds. She now looks and appears healthier. Kelly Doty walks confidently with a posture that demands attention from everyone. We are all very happy for her.

How Kelly Doty Rose to Fame?

Kelly Doty is a Cancerian and one of the most well-known ink artists in the world. In addition, Doty also owns a luxury tattoo shop named Helheim Gallery. Her clients are well-known reality stars and celebrities who constantly appreciate Doty’s art.

Kelly Doty owns all her sketches and art because of their uniqueness. One can easily recognize surrealism and the unique interpretation of fairy tales only available in Doty’s ink. Her odd tattoos will please your eyes. Her art deserves to be seen. If you seek a unique interpretation of bobbleheads, then Kelly Doty’s tattoos will do it for you.

Kelly Doty Answers What Happens to a Tattoo When You Lose Weight

Weight loss journeys drastically change the appearance of a tattoo. When the skin begins to shrink, the ink loses its shape. The sketch/art loses its center. Thus, it becomes distorted and unappealing. The shape of the tattoo worsens if the weight loss is focused on a specific body part. Kelly Doty believes this is because the muscles are shrinking and the body is losing fat.

The tattoo begins to fade. It is not as vibrant as it used to be. Therefore, moisturize the skin when you are losing weight. It will keep the skin wrinkle-free and prevent dryness as well. Furthermore, hydration will allow the ink to stabilize as the muscle and body takes its new shape.

Kelly Doty is a Role Model for Losing Weight!

We understand that losing pounds is a difficult task. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. Kelly Doty weight loss was inspired by setting a weight aim that the tattoo artist actualized. The reality TV star immensely changed her eating routine. She adapted to exercising and did yoga at random times. Decide a goal and stick to it if you would like to look like Kelly Doty after weight loss. Meanwhile, browse Free Health Tips for more wellness inspirations.

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