Heather Rae Young Weight Loss | A Model and Actress Success Story

Have you heard of Heather Rae Young? The celebrity was first seen alongside Tarek El Moussa from Flip and Flop. Heather Rae Young also became part of the Selling Sunset in 2019. The two TV personalities quickly become a couple. No forces could separate El Moussa and Heather Rae Young. Co-workers, colleagues, and social media admired the love story. The couple quickly moved in together, which solidified their relationship.

Heather Rae Young With His Husband Tarek El Moussa

Heather Rae Young and El Moussa are TV reality stars. In addition, they also belong to the real estate industry, which makes for common interests. The two are a perfect match. They treat each other equally rather than one better than the other. However, Heather Rae Young is also a well-established professional.

She is a well-known model and a social media influencer. Undoubtedly, her relationship with El Moussa has increased her popularity. However, Heather Rae Young’s weight loss journey truly put her on center stage and in the limelight. Here is everything you need to know about a successful model, actress, real estate agent, and loving mother.

Who is Heather Rae Young?

Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young was not always facing cameras. Her childhood was not so extravagant or affluent. Heather Rae Young’s parents brought her up in a small town in California. She is strongly connected to Running Strips, a quaint town in Bernardino Mountains. Even though she moved, the Selling Sunset actress misses the mountain view. Her childhood includes strong moral and ethical values.

Heather Rae Young quickly grew close to nature because of Running Strips’ terrain. She took full advantage of the fresh air, mountains, and springs. During her childhood, Heather Rae Young hiked regularly. She also swam and sled. One of her favorite hobbies is skiing.

Even though the actress reminisces about her childhood, there are things she does not miss about Running Strips. For example, Heather Rae Young disliked living so far away from a shopping mall or secluded from her friends because of heavy snowfall. She could not leave her home for days.

Heather Rae Young Modeling Career | The Beginning

Heather Rae Young, who is slightly above average height, started modeling at a very age. She was 18 when she stepped into modeling history. In her early 20s, she appeared as a Playboy Playmate. You can also identify her as an eyewear model from the Carrie Amber lingerie collection.

Heather Rae Young has also appeared in films with a few credits mentioned on television. You can browse her acting roles in detail on her IMDB profile. Since 2010, Heather Rae Young has acted in Mafia, the Internship, ‘Til Death, and Christmas in Compton.

How Did Heather Rae Young Pregnancy Influence Her Weight Loss Journey?

Heather Rae Young started to prioritize health when she learned she was with a child. The model and TV star began to focus extra on her internal well-being. She was ecstatic to grow the family with her husband Tarek Al Moussa. Even though she is an ambitious woman and always on the go, Heather now makes time for herself.

Recently, the TV star has been glowing in her social media selfies. Heather is now understanding health as going beyond the gym. Besides eating healthy, a positive mind is also necessary for lasting health. She performs breathing exercises in the morning and takes a nature stroll to appreciate the beauty in the world.

In addition, Heather Rae Young weight loss took a surprising turn when she decided to spend time away from the phone. She is making the extra effort during her pregnancy to pursue health and happiness. On her Instagram profile, she questioned her followers if they were doing the same.

Heather Rae Young spends quality time with her family because it boosts her well-being. She recently visited Cabo and spent a few days there. Heather Rae Young holds these experiences very dear to the heart. The pictures are captioned beautifully, which shows Heather is content with her life. It is a true luxury!

Heather Rae Young Diet Plan

Exercise has played an essential role in Heather Rae Young’s weight loss journey. If you are wondering how the model/celebrity remains so fit, it is because of a tough workout. She is dedicated to maintaining her body in excellent condition. The Women Fitness interview discusses her toned body because Heather exercises daily.

Other than regular exercising, she also participates in strength training three or four times weekly. In addition, she also runs three to four miles a day. That is an extreme workout session for any individual. However, fitness makes her happy. Heather Rae Young also kickboxes and dances as an outlet for stressful energy.

Heather Rae Young’s weight loss also involves a dedicated diet plan. The Selling Sunset has attracted a vegan lifestyle for years. Her diet consists of high doses of protein and no animal products. Heather Rae Young has a protein smooth instead of two meals.

Heather Rae Young weight loss’s meal plan consists of many salads. However, she cannot stay away from snacks. You will not see Young eating chips, fried goodies, or sugary sweets. Instead, the TV celebrity opts for a vegan protein bar. Heather Rae Young has a cup of oregano tea between meals and vowed never to drink office.

Unfortunately, everyone has a weakness. And for Heather Rae Young, it is sugar. The model has admitted to having a strong sweet tooth. She has a difficult time saying no to sugar-based treats. Therefore, she does her best to avoid sugar because a bite may lead to unhealthy consumption. Heather Rae Young’s weight loss is an excellent example of knowing your limits to stay in optimal health.

Heather Rae Young Weight Loss | Before and After

Heather Rae Young Weight Loss

Heather Rae Young’s social media fans have seen a glow-up since the actress became popular after appearing on Selling Sunset. However, the fans were quick to notice a surgical enhancement. According to the fans, Heather Rae Young had flatter and more natural lips in Match 2019. In August of the same year, the actress’s lips appeared fuller. However, the allegation has nothing to do with Heather Rae Young’s weight loss journey.

After analyzing the actress’s social media pictures, we can confidently say she has lost more than five kilos. However, the exact weight loss measurements are unknown. The TV personality uses Instagram to share helpful diet tips. She updates the audience about which vitamins to use. In addition, Heather Rae Young also shares her skincare routine.

Heather Rae Young’s weight loss journey on social media is about empowerment and promoting consciousness about one’s health. The actress shares practical tips for losing weight, such as vegan meals.

Heather Rae Young is a Proud Family Woman!

Heather Rae Young's with Family

The family has played an important role in Heather Rae Young’s weight loss routine. The TV actress quickly bonded with El Moussa’s parents. We understand it is not easy to foster a relationship with a guy who has had kids from previous relationships. However, Heather Rae Young accepted them as their own.

She opened up about the challenges in a Life & Style interview. Her fiancé was nervous about introducing Brayden and Taylor to Young. Fortunately, the meeting went great, and they are now a very close family. They find comfort in each other. El Moussa is proud of the growing connection between Heather and his kids.

How much weight did Heather Rae Young lose?

Heather Rae Young weight loss resulted in shedding five unnecessary pounds. However, the specificity is not public information. Heather lost five pounds by eating vegan meals and staying updated with her vitamins. She was conscious about her food intake and avoided ingredients that caused an opposite outcome.

Heather Rae Young Weight Loss Before and After

Heather also attends a high-intensity training course three to four times per week. In addition, she runs regularly. She stayed away from surgical procedures. Rumors of weight loss surgeries and cosmetic lip fillers are untrue. Moreover, Heather Rae Young has also stayed silent on the matter.

Does Heather Rae Young’s Weight Loss Inspire You?

Heather Rae Young eats healthy daily. She is a hard-working woman who balances professional and personal lives easier. Her plastic surgery rumors faded away with time. We applaud her for her efforts. You can learn about Talia Jackson’s weight loss and TJ Ott’s Weight Loss on Free Health Tips.

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing expert advice and practical tips for maintaining optimal health and well-being.

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