Nutella Nutrition Facts | Breakdown of The Famous Breakfast Spread

What is the first thing you put into your shopping cart? Let us answer it for you first! Its Nutella. The spread is creamy and sweet. It is on the same list as pumpkin spice lattes in autumn and sriracha on pizza. However, one of the most frequent arguments against Nutella is that it is high in sugar.

Is Nutella a yes or a no? time to discuss!

What is Nutella?

Nutella is the world’s favorite spread by Ferrero. The manufacturer is an Italian company that exports delicious chocolates to the world. Nutella was first distributed to soldiers during the Second World War for an instant energy boost. The spread primarily used cocoa. However, the formula was changed by adding hazelnuts to accommodate the cocoa shortage in Italy.

Nutella has been around for more than half a century. Compared to the Nutella nutrition facts, the popularity of the cocoa spread skyrocketed. Nowadays, Nutella is used in breakfast. You can top the pancakes, waffles, and toast with Nutella.

In addition, Nutella is a desert favorite too. Food enthusiasts and chefs use it frequently. The famous breakfast spread has been pushing boundaries to appeal more to its consumers. The trend is significant. Unfortunately, the buyers are unsure of Nutella’s effect on their health.

Nutella Nutrition Facts | Everything to Know

Nutella Nutrition Facts

Nutella is known worldwide as a quick and straightforward way to make a healthy breakfast meal. Kids and adults enjoy it in the morning because it is advertised for simplicity. Secondly, its marketing campaign focuses on healthy ingredients such as skim milk and nuts. However, the advertisements never mention the harmful effects of sugar, oil, and double-digital calories.

Nutella’s taste is one of a kind, unique, and mouth-salivating. Unfortunately, its argument on wellness is questionable.


Firstly, one tablespoon of Nutella contains one gram of fiber. The amount is the lowest in ingredients. Therefore, the fiber count is insignificant. Therefore, eat almonds daily. Other sources of fiber are lentils, broccoli, avocado, and artichokes.


According to the food regulations, weight influences the order of ingredients. As a result, sugar is the top ingredient in Nutella. This is one of the most eye-opening Nutella nutrition facts. High sugar causes weight gain, cardiovascular problems, and high blood sugar.

The American Heart Association suggests restricting sugar intake to less than 100 calories daily for women. On the other hand, men must not consume more than 150 calories. Check out the detailed guide for a balanced diet that replaces sugar in your daily routine.


Thirdly, another interesting nutrition fact is that Nutella contains 2 grams. The chocolate spread has a minute source of protein. However, it is not significant. Therefore, add eggs, milk, and poultry to your diet to improve protein intake.

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Let’s continue with Nutella nutrition facts! The serving size for Nutella is quite small. Yet, its creamy and delicious texture makes it challenging to eat the proposed size. The recommended service is two tablespoons or 37 grams which contains 200 calories.

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The second most abundant ingredient in the famous breakfast spread is palm oil. Even though fats are essential to health, too much fat can affect the body adversely. High fat can cause obesity. The consumer will complain of heart problems, specific cancers, and diabetes.

Nutella Health Benefits for All Ages

  • Nutella nutrition facts are especially popular among individuals interested in losing weight. The chocolate-based spread offers an intense energy boost at the start of the day. One of its ingredients, chocolate hazelnut, maintains an internal strength. You will go about the day without hunger.
  • The high fat in Nutella aids the digestion process. You will not see visible improvement in your health as well. The nuts in Nutella are rich in fiber. The chocolate spread has all the ingredients to promote efficient digestion. No wonder Nutella is appropriate for all ages.
  • In addition, another unknown Nutella nutrition fact is that the high amount of sugar also contributes to weight loss. As soon as the sugary serving enters the bloodstream, it provides insane energy. As a result, you feel look skinny in the morning. Nutella nutrition facts also focus on eliminating cravings. It increases metabolism too.

How to Enjoy Nutella Responsibly?

After learning about the interest in Nutella nutrition facts, here are a few ways to enjoy the spread responsibly

Toasted bread

Nutella Toasted bread

No one likes eating Nutella on plain, white bread. How about brown bread with Nutella to ravish the taste buds? Toasting the bread will match the sweetness of Nutella. You can combine the light meal with citrus fruits for an additional healthy dose. You can also use seeded or whole-wheat bread as well.

Nutella with ice-cream

Nutella with ice-cream

Who has had Nutella on ice cream? Everyone! Most do not know that heating Nutella in a microwave will ruin the consistency. Furthermore, its aftertaste becomes tangy. Instead of tempering Nutella, use it as is for a flavorful punch. Pour Nutella wisely on two scoops of ice cream. Otherwise, the dessert clots.

Nutella-Banana Sandwich

Nutella-Banana Sandwich

A healthy dose of fiber with nutritional Nutella sounds wonderful in the morning. However, for the sandwich application, do not toast the bread. The banana on top of the spread will moisten the load. Nutella will emphasize the banana’s bitterness against the sweetness. The sandwich is creamy, delicious, and you will inhale it to the last bite.

Time to Wrap Up!

Nutella’s taste is hard to resist. The chocolate and toasted hazelnut has no substitutes. However, Nutella nutritional facts, such as high sugar and calories, are quite harmful. Consume Nutella according to your health. In conclusion, manage the intake and live a long, healthy life.

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