Jerod Mixon Weight Loss. A Jaw-Dropping Weight-Loss Journey

Jerod Mixon’s weight loss is another inspirational story of an artist whose fans admired him for their updated looks. Unfortunately, an overweight actor is appreciated in the industry. It hurts their charm and makes them look bad for no reason. Many individuals who seek fame take the drastic route. However, Jerod Mixon wanted to change his appearance with commitment.

Jerod Mixon lost more than 300 pounds in less than a year. The change was well-received and applauded. Jerod’s path is no longer filled with challenges. The actor/comedian is very pleased with his life today.

Who is Jerod Mixon?

Jerod Mixon was born on 24th May 1981. He is an American producer, actor, and comedian. Mixon is an excellent writer who has worked in numerous roles. However, the actor is well-known for portraying Weenie in Old School. Jamal Mixon, who is Jerod’s brother, is also an actor. The brothers produced and appeared in the Comedy White T.

Jerod Mixon first appeared in Me, Myself, and Irene. His acting role as Shonte Jr. Baileygates, the son of the protagonist, opened new possibilities for him. Jerod also appeared in the 2002 film The New Guy, where had played an essential role. He was Herbert in Scrubs, who the doctors were astounded by because he was overweight.

With so many roles and frequently appearing on screen, fans were quick to notice the actor was looking slim. After losing so much weight, he was the apple of everyone’s eye. The astounding transformation made everyone curious. Many argued he had undergone surgery, but that was far from the truth.

Jerod Mixon Data

Real NameJerod Mixon
Birthday24th May 1981
Age in 202342 years
ProfessionFilm actor, comedian, rapper, and writer
Weight BeforeUndisclosed
Weight AfterUndisclosed
Total Weight Loss300 lbs. or 136 kg

When Did Jerod Mixon Realize He Needed to Lose Weight?

We live in a society where obese individuals are not accepted. They must lose weight to feel loved. Only food lovers can understand the pain of saying no to your favorite meal. Even though the torment is painful, it yields successful weight loss results. Even though health was the primary objective, Mixon lost weight to improve his performance on TV.

Mixon’s adult life was full of issues linked to weight. Moreover, he was facing difficulty maintaining the right weight reading. Slowly but gradually, he realized that Mixon’s obesity had hurt his career. Moreover, the producers and directors would reject his resume because Mixon was overweight.

Jerod Mixon Diet Plan

One of the reasons Jerod Mixon’s weight loss transformations became a necessity is because of overeating. He would give into the cravings and find it difficult to walk away from them. In addition, Jerod had a habit of eating at the wrong time, which his body could not bear.

Jerod was in love with eating processed foods. He will drive to fast food restaurants at ungodly hours to eat burgers and pizzas. Moreover, Jerod was also a huge fan of drinking, which is never beneficial for the liver. Therefore, leaving these habits behind was very difficult. It was a tough time for him and his loved ones.

However, the habits started to change slowly in the early phases of Jerod Mixon’s weight loss. He was about to say no to temptations, which was a huge accomplishment for him. At last, he realized Jerod was the only one driving the car on his journey to health.

Over time, Jerod switched from fast food to healthy eating. Whenever he wished to eat pizza at lunch, he would have a salad instead. Moreover, James was also indulging in a protein-based diet such as eggs, chicken, and Greek yogurt.

Secondly, James substituted drinking with fresh fruits. The fluid intake increased his energy levels. As a result, James was able to exercise longer. You can click here to learn some of the ways to hydrate fast for your long-lasting well-being.

Jerod Mixon’s weight loss consisted of the following:

1. A well-balanced breakfast of eggs and oatmeal. Mixon also had vegetables to start his day, alongside fish, tuna, and salmon.

2. Lunch also consisted of a healthy salad. He would cut some fruits for added nutrition.

3. Dinner was very simple, yet healthy. It consisted of citrus vegetables and nuts. Furthermore, the plate also had chicken, turkey, lean meat, and beef. Jerod Mixon did his level best to stay away from cholesterol, sodium, carbs, and fat.

4. He also had spearmint tea. The benefits are listed here.

Exercises in Jerod Mixon Weight Loss

Besides healthy eating, Mixon also participated in workouts. He did weight training and other physical exercises that increased his metabolism. Jerod’s stomach digested food at optimum levels, which made sure his body was fueled all the time. Jerod also did squats and deadlifts to improve endurance and strength.

In addition to regular exercise, Jerod is also a fan of swimming and running. He cycled and weight-walked. As a result, the workouts helped him lose substantial weight that he balanced with having small meals every day.

Physical and cardio exercises go hand-in-hand. Mixon ran on the treadmill. The StairMaster is his favorite as well as pushups. His second favorite activity was lifting weights to build muscles. Moreover, he also trained his core to define his muscles.

The workout routine maintained balance. Moreover, it improved Mixon’s posture as well. Mixon went to the gym regularly. However, he preferred free lifting and machine exercises rather than receiving instructions from a trainer.

Over time, Jerod Mixon became familiar with the fitness environment. He started doing more and more exercise. Now, when he looks back, Mixon recognizes the hardships made him a better human being overall. 

The Before and After of Jerod Mixon Weight Loss

Jared Mixon’s Weight Loss

After the weight loss, the actor looks and feels healthy. He is very happy with the progress he has made. Moreover, the individual is able to maintain the weight as well. Fans are proud of his slimmed-down performance.

After Jerod Mixon’s weight loss, the actor has lost more than 300 lbs. He is smiling ear to ear and we not be prouder of him.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Jerod Mixon’s weight loss was not easy. However, his inspirations are quite clear. Primarily, he lost weight to focus on his career growth. Even though healthy was his secondary concern, a healthy diet did wonders for him.

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