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You will recognize James Denton as the Housewife’s heartthrob whose character was killed off unexpectedly. We all attended the funeral and presented our tears in solidarity with Susan Meyer. After his character was cut off, James Denton said goodbye to Hollywood and moved away with his family to focus on health.

The truth is that Mike Delfino or James Denton struggled with weight and health before the directors cast him on the show. His physique was fluctuating. And he had gained much weight as well. The first time the actor decided to improve his health was for ABC’s show Desperate Housewife. James Denton weight loss consisted of a healthy routine to lose unnecessary pounds.

Who is James Denton?

His parents welcomed James Denton on 20th January 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. The actor is a practicing Christian because of his parentage. James Denton went to Goodlettsville High School. For higher education, he enrolled in the University of Tennessee to study advertising and marketing.

Mary Jean Woolslair and JT Denton introduced James as their middle child out of three siblings. James’ father, JT, was a dentist. He had also been recruited into the army and died in 1993. James’ mother was diagnosed with breast in 2002. With no authority figure, the Southern Baptist raised him, and James became the Minister of Music in a local church in Tennessee.

After James graduated from the university, his first job was selling advertisements to local radio stations. He started acting in Nashville community theater in his early 20s. James moved to California to pursue acting.

James Denton Data

Real NameJames Thomas Denton Jr.
Birthday20th January 1963
Age in 202360 years
ProfessionActor, guitarist, musician, and singer
Weight BeforeUndisclosed
Weight AfterUndisclosed
Total Weight Loss50 lbs. or 23 kg

James Denton Weight Loss | The Diet Plan

James Denton weight loss has been a struggle long before the actor appeared on our television screens. The shirtless actor struggled with his diet and often fell victim to his craving. He would eat pizza regularly. Drinking was also very common, which damaged his body internally. However, being cast on Desperate Housewives motivated him to transform his appearance.

James Denton was not expecting an acting job to make him so health-conscious. As soon as he was hired, James left his bad eating habits. It was a much-needed and well-welcomed change. The actor spat out pizza when James Denton learned he got the role. Some would say this is the beginning of James Denton weight loss.

Besides eliminating pizza and other processed food from the diet, the actor also stopped drinking. The change was not instant and required a sport system encouraging the actor to throw away alcohol. Instead, James Denton contacted health professionals. He also joined a gym to get rid of harmful thoughts. Here are the details to reduce the negativity.

James Denton Weight Los

James Denton is a prime example of how pursuing health can change someone’s life. Most individuals lack the commitment or dedication to adopt a healthy lifestyle. James Denton is not one of us. He is goal-oriented and does not let hurdles stop him from progressing.

Like Hollywood actors, James Denton also needed to appear shirtless on the show. Because of the physical component, James followed a strict diet plan. Some may think diet implies restriction of food intake. However, the word diet refers to organic meals in the James Denton weight loss story that he still adapts today.

  • For breakfast, James Denton has a cup and a half of oats. He also blends berries with water. In addition, the actor also has a two-egg omelet.
  • The lunch and dinner are very plain. James Denton will have chicken breast with rice for lunch. He will also have another six-ounce chicken with brown rice.
  • A cup of estafiate tea in the evening. Read the advantages here.

Even though the actor follows a strict diet, he still has cheat days. James Denton has Indian food once in a while. He also gets excited about pizza or a Sunday roast, but James is mindful of the portions.

James Denton Weight Loss | The Present

After James Denton weight loss, you will not recognize the actor anymore. He has changed and evolved tremendously. James disappeared for almost a decade after his character was killed in the last season of Desperate Housewives. However, he has aged gracefully off the screen, keeping up with the physical regime.

If you wonder if the actor is still as fit-looking, the answer is yes. James Denton’s wife is his trainer and motivator. She constantly guides James Denton into staying fit and excellent looking for the public’s eye.

Was James Denton comfortable with being shirtless on the show?

Undoubtedly, James looked excellent on Desperate Housewives. However, the recent interview reveals he was uncomfortable with the lack of clothing. James Denton remarked that playing a shirtless plumber was unnecessary. It did not add anything concrete to his character.

Playing a heartthrob on Desperate Housewives was different for him because James had always played a villain in the past. He is still haunted by the shirtless frames stepping outside the garage to grab the newspaper. The show portrayed James as an unforbidden fruit with a dark secret. The neighborhood ladies would stare at him on the morning run.

James Denton also talked about Mike Delfino’s death in the interview. The character was murdered in the final season in a drive-by shooting. Wisteria Lane wept for his loss. James Denton acted excellently on the scene. He had a good exit too.

We look forward to what the future has for him.

Where is James Denton now?

If you have not seen James Denton on television, it is probably because he retired from the entertainment industry after his role as Mike on Desperate Housewives. You may not recognize him on the streets because the actor has changed a lot over the decade.

James Denton got married and grew his family. He relocated to Canada, where he is living a peaceful life. However, the actress has gotten old because time will do that to you. Even though he looks aged, his physical fitness will wow you.

As mentioned, his wife is a trainer. They run and exercise together. Whenever James starts to slack on his fitness, his wife gives him the proper motivation Denton needs to stay fit. He is always in shape and an active member of the society.

You can see visible differences in his before and after weight loss progress. Unfortunately, age will do that to anyone. James Denton now spends quality time with his two sons and the missus. He schedules dinners with his friends and is happy in his life surrounded by loved ones.

James Denton is planning a return to the screen soon. However, you have to keep reading to figure out. Regardless of what he does, the audience is looking forward to what the future has for him.

Time to Wrap up the Discussion

The interview concluded with James Denton revealing he is working on a Perfect Harmony series with this son behind closed doors. He also played the attractive Dr. Sam Radford in Good Witch. James Denton is secretly working on projects for your entertainment. So do not worry if you see him in a few interviews out of the limelight.

James Denton’s weight loss has allowed the actor to live a healthy life with his missus and two sons. He works daily with his trainer when he realizes it is time for a change. James Denton weight loss story has taught us to take charge when things do not go as planned.

Think positive and good things will happen.

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