Dascha Polanco Weight Loss| Breaking Social Norms for Personal Well-Being

Dascha started acting when she was a child. She has had years of experience in the acting industry. Since her childhood actress days, Dascha discovered a passion for acting on stage. She also loves being in front of the camera. Dascha Polanco had dreamt of becoming an actor ever since she was little.

Dascha Polanco is a multi-talented actress whose fame increased tremendously after her role in Orange in the New Black. She played Daya Diaz in the famous Netflix series. From her acting career, Dascha Polanco has become an inspiration to a global audience. She was able to capture the love of many people with her wonderful acting skills.

However, Dascha Polanco continued to chase her dreams. Unfortunately, she was met with a huge obstacle—her weight. The crude comments and remarks hurt confidence. The actress discovered she started to feel insecure in her professional and herself because of her weight.

Dascha Polanco’s weight made it difficult to reach stardom. Yet, she persevered and added depth to her story, showing adversity. Dascha surfaced as victorious!

Who is Dascha Polanco?

Dascha Polanco is a Dominican-American actress who was welcomed into the world on 3rd December 1982. The actress is well-known for taking on diverse roles in Hollywood as an influential Latina actress.

Dascha was born in a conventional catholic house. Her parents were a mechanic and cosmetologist. Dascha’s initial inspirations were her parents, who worked hard to give their children the best life. However, Dascha did not want to live hand to mouth. Therefore, she decided to experiment with acting.

Dascha Polanco Profile

Real NameDascha Yolaine Polanco
Birthday3rd December 1982
Age in 202341 years
ProfessionFilm and TV actress
Weight BeforeUndisclosed
Weight AfterUndisclosed
Total Weight Loss30 to 40 lbs.

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss | The Weekly Routine

  1. On Monday, Dascha does a 20-minute slow to moderate-paced jog.
  2. On Tuesdays, the actress would run or swim for half an hour.
  3. Wednesdays were quite busy. Her weight loss routine started with 40 minutes of high-intensity interval training. Dascha ran the elliptical, treadmill, and the stepper machine. She also biked and did the rowing machine at a 15% inclined angle. Dascha also jumped rope and did handstand pushups with her partner.
  4. She took the Thursdays off to relax.
  5. Friday marked the return of her fitness journey. She did 45 minutes of Vinyasa yoga. The exercise was followed by a hiking session to her favorite therapeutic spot.

Secondly, Dascha also did 30 minutes of mountain biking before dinner. Since she is a public figure, the actress wore a helmet with pads because she is a responsible individual.

  • Saturdays were also busy. The day consisted of a 50-minute to an-hour session on the treadmill or the elliptical machine. She had a light breakfast with oatmeal. Citrus fruits and Vegetables are also her favorite. Lastly, Dascha also had a protein shake at breakfast time.

Workout Regime in Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Transformation

Dascha has talked about her weight struggles publicly. She has discussed how the actress is uncomfortable with her boy and does not accept the unhealthy version as “realistic.” Therefore, Dascha is promoting inclusivity through her exercise routine. Polanco’s message is allowing other individuals, people from all backgrounds, to break out of their comfort zones. People of color, especially, need to feel included in the fitness worried.

Workout Regime in Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Transformation

Dascha begins each exercise session with 10 minutes of stretch time. She also performs flexibility exercises to loosen her muscles. Furthermore, Dascha also did cardiovascular workouts. She performed the exercises for 20 seconds and then took a rest for subsequent 10 seconds. The strategy increased the actress’s cardio endurance while strengthening her muscles.

In the next step, Dash did strength training. The exercises hit the lower body, especially the lungs and squats. The deadlifts also hit the right muscles. Dascha completes training with powerful cardio exercises that include sprinting and HIIT sessions.

Dascha stayed true to the exercise sessions. Soon after, Dascha was able to see clear results. She experienced a rise in energy levels from the stamina training. Furthermore, inflammation is also reduced severely throughout the body.

Diet Plan in Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Journey

Dascha’s day begins very early in the morning as she prepares her children for school. The actress is a mother of two and not a huge of sleeping. Learn the connection between mental health and a good night’s sleep here. Dascha Polanco wakes up at six in the morning.

She drives the children to school and then cooks herself a delicious plate of breakfast after coming up. The celebrity is a huge fan of egg whites with truffles alongside a protein shake. Dascha also had papayas because they have a high percentage of fiber in them. As a Dominican, she loves yucca and yams as well.

Dascha Polanco weight loss diet consists primarily of fruits that increase her energy levels throughout the day. The trainer instructed her to stay away from processed and fast foods. Polanco had lunch after she was finished with her day’s exercises. Dascha believes it is important to eat after working out. She fueled her body with vegetables and grilled chicken.

Lastly, Dascha also had bitter melon tea every day. The herbal tea is excellent for health and the digestive system.

Dascha Polanco Is a Young Mother!

Dascha conceived her first child when she was 17 years old. Becoming a teen mother, she faced many challenges balancing her career with an infant. The child had changed her life drastically.

After graduating from school, Dascha was employed in the nursing industry. While at work, Dascha’s mother would take care of the baby. After overcoming so many challenges, the actress deserves the recognition she has today.

The Takeaways

Dascha Polanco weight loss transformation shows us that a person can be facing challenges, but that does not stop them from achieving their best. The journey teaches us how to navigate their obstacles. It is about self-discovery. The journey shows the dedication to actualizing your aims and beating the social norms. You must also embrace change with an open heart with an optimistic mind.


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