Affirmations for Weight Loss | Tips and Tricks to Conquer Your Brain

There is a famous saying by Toni Sorenson.

Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.

Affirmation word comes from a Latin word “Affirmare” which means to strengthen or become steady. These are the positive thoughts that conquer the negative thoughts in your brain. These are the sentences or phrases that you repeatedly tell yourself in order to boost your confidence or to achieve a particular goal in your life.

The positive talks, yes make a huge difference in your overall health and mental well-being. Actually, you are what you think. If you think positively and be optimistic in your thoughts, you get positive rewards ultimately. On the other hand, being pessimistic will end up being a failure. So, if you are facing a bad mental health day, try to overcome it by assuring yourself about positive things and rewards that you will be getting by following a certain routine or lifestyle. There are multiple ways to assure yourself.

These positive, encouraging, and self-boosting sentences might do wonders that you are unaware of. They may help:

  • Increasing feel-good hormones in the body
  • Promote the release of dopamine and serotonin which are hormones that make you feel content.
  • Decrease stress level.
  • Reinforce and rebuild the confidence you have lost.
  • Make you calm down.
  • Promote overall mental health and well-being.
  • make you enjoy life and live in the moment.
  • Prevent you from getting harsh on your body.

How Brain Works

There are neural pathways in your brain that act in a certain way according to the external environment and the stress conditions. When you repeat those positive sentences in mind about weight loss and you tell your body that following a certain lifestyle will help you look better and achieve that perfect figure you always wanted, your brain will eventually accept that and redirects the pathways to release those hormones that will make your body feel better.

Setting goals and aims you will achieve if you follow a weight loss diet religiously will make your body accept to the changes. It works in the way that when you continuously repeat a sentence that assures you of the end result, the desired end result, ultimately your brain will accept it as a reality and work better and gets synced with it and make your body act in the way that will achieve your goals and aims.

Role of Mind in Weight Loss

Your mind plays a major role in making you believe in the outcomes when following a certain diet. Wake Forest University School of Medicine conducted research that showed our brain follows two networks for weight loss. These pathways influence the body to follow certain patterns and actions.

Detailed randomized controlled trials were carried out dividing people in two groups and made them follow two different patterns and fed them different thoughts. The difference in the mindset of the two groups led to significant differences in the weight loss patterns of both of the groups. Hence, the intervention proved successful and the medical imaging of brains after the trial showed differences among the brain networks in people who lost more weight as compared to those to were less successful in their weight loss journey.

Train Your Mind

There are certain ways to train your mind involving different strategies. These include MI (Motivational Interview) and FIT (Functional Imagery Training). These two techniques differ from each other in many ways.

MI involves sessions with the person trying to lose weight in which he is motivated to lose excess weight and to encourage him to follow the weight loss diet. This also involves counselling sessions that will help them set goals and strive hard to achieve them.

In contrast, FTI technique involves detailed education and awareness sessions that help people visualize their goals, devise ways to achieve them and what are the hindrances faced in the journey.

According to research the subjects on FTI technique lost five times more weight as compared to MI. This enhanced the importance of awareness and education one needs to achieve ideal weight. Due to numerous misleading information on Google and certain social media platforms, people get distracted from their daily routine or diet and blindly follow those crash diets that do more harm than benefit. So, to make people aware, this technique is beneficial in making people think mindfully.

10 Weight Loss Affirmations for Overall Wellbeing

Dr. Linda Solbrig stated that encouraging people in a way that will make them understand not only how good it would be if they achieve that weight but also making them aware of the benefits they will achieve if they achieve their goals and dreams.

There are numerous affirmations one can make and feed one’s brain. These can be encouraging sentences or phrases assuring you of the outcomes and benefits you achieve without being hard on yourself.

Love Yourself

Some of them are as follows:

  1. You are perfect the way you are.
  2. You must burn the calories you once took in.
  3. You and only you are responsible for your body and mind, so be mindful of what you feed your soul.
  4. Your body will give you back whatever you will give it.
  5. Be patient and kind towards your body. Just like you didn’t put on that weight in a day, you will not lose it in a day.
  6. Give yourself rewards after you achieve a goal or after you exercise.
  7. Challenge your body and strive hard to conquer your lazy body.
  8. Losing weight is never going to be a mile run, it’s always a series of events taking you to the ending line.
  9. Just like cheating and forcing things don’t work in a relationship, similarly, it won’t work in fitness. You must wake up every day and work sincerely.

The first step to weight loss is your mindset and brain, not the time you give to the gym.


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