Eric Burris Weight Loss: Weather Reporter Who Looked Anew

Eric Burris became national news after he delivered weather news with an update—a snatched waist! The meteorologist has a huge following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That is why fans were quick to notice the transformation. Here is everything you need to know about Eric Burris weight loss journey.

Eric Burris Data

Real NameEric Burris
Birthday29th April 1984
Age in 202339 years
ProfessionMeteorologist, TV personality, and weather reporter
Weight Before300 lbs. or 136 kg
Weight After200 lbs. or 90 kg
Total Weight Loss100 lbs. or 46 kg

Who is Eric Burris?

Eric Burris is a well-known name in Central Florida. He is a national meteorologist and an inspiring individual in his profession. Climate has always piqued Eric’s interest. However, talking about the weather called his name when Eric was hired at the local Orlando television station. When he graduated from school, Eric gave live weather coverage from different parts of the USA.

Traveling to different cities, meeting individuals, and encountering unknown situations polished his skills. Eric Burris had evolved into a confident individual and was ready to accept advanced responsibilities at work. Fans were impressed with the suave personality in front of the camera.

A Discussion About Eric Burris’s Atruggle With Obesity

Unfortunately, Eric struggled with obesity throughout his entire life. His body always read a scale of 300 pounds which is considered obese. It means a high build-up of fat that strains the organs so they do not function properly. Obesity has many reasons, including social, cultural, or hereditary. Eric was finding it difficult to make friends or socialize. He feared taunts of being overweight.

Furthermore, Eric could not perform daily tasks such as bathing, cooking, and playing. He constantly fought obesity because he could not maintain an ideal weight. His body reacted to the change adversely whenever the TV personality lost a few bounds. Eric would gain the lost pounds and then some more on top.

Eric Burris weight loss journey began in 2021 when the weather forecast met with his doctors and physician. Eric’s dangerous weight was putting his body at risk of diabetes. His tests revealed issues with the pancreas. Also, Eric’s body was not producing enough insulin.

The Decision for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Eric Burris weighed a staggering 300 pounds before the surgery. However, the decision to undergo gastric bypass reduced his weight to 200 pounds. The famous weather forecast took four weeks to a month to recuperate from surgery. He was struggling with the after-effects of the surgery. The bag in the stomach post-surgery in the digestive system required time to settle into his belly.

Post-surgery, the fans quickly noticed a change in Eric’s broadcast on WESH 2. After his weather forecast ended, fans flooded his Instagram page. They were leaving comments and creating collages of before and after. The social media posts were tagged as Eric Burris weight loss transformation. The Tv personality looked slim, slender, and healthier.

It is refreshing to see tv personalities talking about surgery procedures openly. Eric Burris discussed the gastric bypass procedure on WESH 2 News Sunrise. Eric admitted that the surgery was one of the reasons that contributed to his growing popularity.

Eric Burris Weight Loss | Diet plan

Eric Burris Weight Loss Diet plan

After losing the initial 100 bounds, Eric Burris was dedicated to losing weight further. Therefore, he decides to practice healthy eating. Eric Burris weight loss was possible because of a diet plan that focused on macronutrients to strengthen and hydrate the body.

After the surgery, Eric’s stomach became small. As a result, he started having smaller meals frequently. The diet plan was based on the relationship between eating and adiposity to promote weight loss. The research suggests that eating a few small meals daily increases metabolism. Thus, an individual starts shedding pounds quickly.

Eric Burris maintains a high-protein meal plan. The protein abundance results in a healthier body. The diet plan resulted in fat loss, which built confidence in Eric. The protein made him feel full quickly so he wouldn’t eat unnecessarily. The strategy significantly reduced his calorie intake.

Eric Burris Weight Loss | Daily Workout Regime

Eric Burris weight loss could not have been possible without an exercise routine. However, he did not use special gym equipment or stuck to a strict regime. Eric Burris did a combination of cardio and strength training to lose weight. The exercises were performed randomly when his schedule was free.

Eric Burris ran and swam daily as part of his cardio workouts. In addition, Eric also did squats, planks, push-ups, and glute bridges. However, his favorite exercise was bicep curls. Vinyasa yoga was also on the list. Eric Burris weight loss was successful because of cardio and respirator exercises highly recommended for overweight individuals.

Even though Eric did not hire a trainer or go to the gym, he exercised regularly. Eric pushed his body beyond its limits slowly every day. However, there were days Eric rested. He took some days off to rest his muscles.

The Secrets Behind Eric Burris Weight Loss

The first secret in Eric Burris weight loss is his diet plan. As mentioned earlier, the weather forecaster was taking a protein-based diet. His diet consisted of eggs, yogurt, meats, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, Eric also ate chili, matzo ball soup, omelets, and Bolognese.

Undoubtedly, the secret to Eric Burris weight loss transformation is the gastric bypass surgery. The procedure involves removing a part of the stomach. A pouch is attached to the small intestine so the food skips the digestive system. It enters the small intestine directly, which is consumed by the body.

How is Eric Burris Weight Loss Transformation Different?

Many online and television personalities have undergone weight loss surgeries in the media industry. However, most individuals fail to admit going under the surgical scalpel. Eric Burris weight loss is about honesty. The weather forecaster was not hesitant or considered discussing the surgery rude. After the surgery, Eric adopted a healthy diet and exercise routine.

We are Proud of Eric Burris!

Eric Burris feels tremendously better since he has been on the weight loss journey. He is enthusiastic about his life and maintains healthy relationships with everyone. His family and children are the biggest inspiration. Eric now also wears a smartwatch that monitors his health constantly.

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