Gregory Jbara Weight Loss | The Actor Flies With His Pilot Son Again

Gregory Jbara is a well-liked and famous personality in the American theater industry. The actor has appeared in numerous TV series, which proves his immense talent. In short, Gregory Jbara adapts to the role perfectly. He becomes his TV role. The dedication has made him a favorite of his fandom.

The actor was living a busy and successful life until he became overweight three years ago. The death of a dear friend took a toll on him. Here are the factors, reasons, and inspirations for Gregory Jbara’s weight loss transformation

Greet Gregory Jbara

If you do not know who Gregory Jbara is, he belongs to the theater industry. Jbara is a famous television personality. His parents welcomed him into the world on 28th September 1961. He is from Westland, Michigan. However, he is well-known among his fans as DCPI Garett, a recurring character on Blue Bloods.

Gregory Jbara

The actor has appeared on more than 180 episodes of the show. In addition, he also guest stars and does short roles on different TV shows. Moreover, you might have seen him on Nurse Jackie, Monk, Family Guy, and American Dad. Lastly, Jbara has also acted on Grounded for Life and Rocket Power.

Additionally, he has also acted on Broadway. Jbara was a huge part of musicals such as Billy Elliot and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

What Inspired Gregory Jbara Weight Loss Journey?

Besides the actor’s health, the following factors contributed heavily to the weight loss transformation.


Gregory Jbara Family

Firstly, Gregory Jbara started training with his son, who went to the gym regularly. The activity was a father-daughter bonding time that focused on physical well-being. Gregory Jbara joined the gym alongside his son. The trainer taught him special techniques and focused on the right diet plan. Gregory Jbara was an NFL lineman at the time.

Fans and admirers

Unfortunately, Gregory Jbara weight a lot in 2018. The scale measured 268 pounds. Strangers and fans were starting to notice his unhealthy appearance. However, the actor was not annoyed with the complaints. He understood the fans were concerned because they love him.

One time a fan interacted with Gregory Jbara at an organic store. The fan shared their health concerns, and the two had a detailed conversation regarding diet plans and internal well-being. Gregory Jbara encouraged the fan to continue fighting for health. Do not engage in expensive meal plans. All the fans had to eliminate dairy and carbs from their diet.

Loss of a Loved one

Another reason that motivated Gregory to embark on the health journey is the death of a dear friend, Marin Mazzie. The two were extremely close. Mazzie is a three-time Tony Award Nominee who passed away in 2018 from ovarian cancer. She struggled for three years.

Even though weight did not affect Mazzie’s health, it caused him to change. In short, he wanted to improve his health to prevent risks. Mazzie’s death taught him that loving oneself is an expression of love. Gregory Jbara wanted to live long for his sons and wife. In other words, he could not stay lazy while his health worsened. Therefore, he decided to hire an expert.

Gregory Jbara Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout

Gregory Jbara weight loss had professional help. The TV personality hired Lilly Padilla. She is a famous nutritionist for celebrities and online personalities. Therefore, hiring her was a wise decision. The detailed approach helps Jabra and his family to manage their weight effectively.

The diet plan consisted of organic fruits and vegetables. The family washed them thoroughly and purchased them directly from the farm. Moreover, the ingredients did not contain artificial flavors or processed sugars. In addition, there were no preservatives involved too.

The nutritionist composed a diet plan for each family member. She studied their ages, needs, results, and body types. Gregory Jbara and his family members met with Lilly Padilla weekly. She would educate them about food and how to make meals together. It was a bonding experience.


Unfortunately, the information about Gregory Jbara’s exercise plan is unavailable. We are in the same predicament as Nathan Fillion weight loss story. However, there are reports about the American actor spending time in the rec center daily. He would pace for an hour daily. Weight loss experts recommend running or jogging to lose unhealthy pounds.

Furthermore, it creates endurance too. In addition to eating right and exercising, the family also did yoga. As a result, it helped them maintain an excellent body structure.

Gregory Jbara Weight Loss | Before and After

The discussion is incomplete without admiring the change in the actor. Gregory Jbara weight loss allowed him to lose 57 pounds on his 57th birthday. We can agree that losing weight in the golden years is very difficult. Consequently, the actor achieved his dream weight goal in 2019 on his 58th birthday. As a result, he now maintains a healthy weight of 85 kg.

Gregory Jbara Weight Loss Before After

Gregory Jbara weight loss has no secrets. He started living in a clean environment. He talked and thought positively. Jbara eliminated processed food items and dedicated itself to living a healthy lifestyle. His actions inspired Jbara’s wife and son. The missus lost 41 lbs. On the other hand, Zachary lost 80 lbs.

Gregory Jbara is proud of his weight loss transformation

Gregory Jbara is extremely happy about the weight loss. The artist has been sharing his progress on social media. Gregory Jbara flew with his pilot son thanks to the weight loss transformation. Furthermore, his wife is also proud of the change. Here is what he shared on Twitter

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