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Celebrities share their body transformation with their fans all the time. They hop on social media to upload pictures and videos. Nowadays, online personalities also do live broadcasts to connect with the audience. Chiquis Rivera, the daughter of Jenni Rivera, adapted the same routine. However, the strategy was unwelcome. Here is everything to know about the Chiquis Rivera weight loss controversy.

Who is Chiquis Rivera?

Chiquis Rivera is the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera. Her mother is a well-known singer who died suddenly in 2012. The fans were distraught, so she decided to keep Jenni’s name alive. Chiquis Rivera released her first song in 2014, which was called Paloma Blanca. The song was a tribute to her mother, describing Chiqui’s strenuous mother-daughter bond perfectly. Chiquis released her first album in the following year. She has also appeared in many television and reality shows.

Chiquis Rivera Data

Real NameJanney Marin Rivera
Birthday26 June 1985
Age in 202338 years
ProfessionTelevision personality, artist, business owner, philanthropist, activist
Weight BeforeUndisclosed
Weight AfterUndisclosed
Total Weight Loss30 lbs. or 13 kg

Chiquis Rivera weight loss | The Initial Events

Chiquis Rivera woke up one day and decided to go live on Instagram. With her looking skinny in the morning, Chiquis shared her body transformation with her followers. She stated that natural remedies that burn fat quickly made weight loss possible Chiquis talked about drinking lemon water for her reduced figure.

Fans were in awe of her new waist. She looked amazingly different. Even though she looked thin, her hips were still prominent. The combination showed off her figure excellently. There was minimum body fat. Chiquis Rivera appeared on the social media application with a natural look. Unfortunately, she did not expect the truth to come out.

Chiquis Rivera weight loss | The Betrayal

There is more to the Chiquis Rivera weight loss story! After Chiquis Rivera went live on Instagram, famous Instagram accounts reported a different story. The progress was not natural as Chiquis promised. Pictures leaked online depict the artist making an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

The famous personality was scrutinized in social media posts, tabloids, and online. She was labeled as a liar and a fake. Chiquis was also called a robot that drank water and lemon for artificial use. This name-calling was just a start.

Chiquis Rivera Weight Loss

Chiquis Rivera weight loss | Visit to the Doctor

The doctor Chiquis Rivera allegedly visited is Dr.  Victor Gutierrez. He has a consultation clinic in Tijuana, California. Chiquis Rivera allegedly went to the office, seeking a procedure for losing weight. Before the appointment, the doctor took a few selfies with Chiquis Rivera. These images were published to his Instagram four hours after she left the office.

The images clearly show Chiquis with the plastic surgeon in his office. The doctor is wearing a cap, and his credentials cannot go unnoticed. Dr.  Victor had no reason to hide his identity. He is hugging Chiquis and has even tagged her. As a result, any doubt that the picture is fabricated is removed. These images surfaced after the celebrity did an Instagram live, claiming that the body is natural.

Chiquis Rivera weight loss | Background on the Surgeon

Dr. Victor Gutierrez has thousands of followers on his Instagram. Moreover, he has more than two decades of experience performing weight loss procedures. He shares different client stories on Instagram. Dr.  Victor’s profile is full of pictures and videos detailing different procedures. Most clients focused on improving their hips, breasts, and stomach.

Is it possible that Chiquis Rivera weight loss was a result of procedures that were false-advertised? Did the lemon water accompany weight loss? The people are asking many questions.

Chiquis Rivera fans are confused. Some argue that taking warm water with lemon every morning has incredible benefits for weight loss. It increases metabolism and rejuvenates the skin from within. On the other hand, the well-timed pictures by the surgeon present an opposite image. The “special visit” may have resulted in Dr.  Victor losing many clients.

Chiquis Rivera weight loss | The Outcome

The cyber-bullying, name-calling, and online hate had not stopped. So, Chiquis decided to answer! She went on Instagram Live again to show the offer waist. She also displayed her tummy and thanked Vinyasa yoga and exercise. Chiquis Rivera insisted that losing weight was because of a healthy diet. Click here to learn about the citrus fruits and vegetables you can add to boost your immunity.

A few other accounts with massive following copied the infamous Instagram Live. The accounts compared Chiquis Rivera with Shakira for how she was showing off her waist. However, one thing was clear— Chiquis was insisted on proving her perspective.

Chiquis Rivera came on Instagram wearing a black, athletic outfit. She broadcasted on Instagram from the kitchen and insisted on organic ways to achieve an excellent figure. Chiquis Rivera weight loss was possible from drinking lemon water every day. She was adamant that hydration was the reason her waist was reduced. Toward the end, Chiquis Rivera started shaking her derriere like a famous Columbian artist.

Chiquis Rivera weight loss | The Mockery Continues

Chiquis Rivera captioned the second video, “Ready for the Next Level.” She continued displaying her waist, trying to convince herself and the audience that it looked smaller. She also said that the stomach looked flatter than a few weeks when the philanthropist was eating junk food.

Even though she had pure intentions of showing off the progress, the way she showed it was inappropriate for the audience, including underage children. Chiquis Rivera lowered her pants to reveal she was not wearing underwear. Furthermore, half of her rear was also exposed. The action added fuel to the fire of Chiquis Rivera weight loss controversy. Watch the video here.

What is your opinion?

Chiquis Rivera weight loss describes progress differently from each perspective. While some may believe Chiquis, others are questioning her actions. So, where do you stand? Chiquis Rivera weight loss is open to interpretation. Visit Free Health Tips to read more weight loss journeys.

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